Enjoy Your Children

Miriam Chachamu

Useful links

There are so many online sources of information and advice, it is often bewildering. Here is just a selection of those I found during the course of my research, which I thought likely to be the most helpful.


A wealth of information for parents and families, covering many aspects of family life such as child development, ideas for games, family finance, childcare and work-life balance.

British Dyslexia association offers information, resources and training about dyslexia in children and adults. If your child is finding schoolwork challenging, this is a good place to start exploring.

Plenty of ideas for games both indoors and outdoors, with clear and simple instructions.

Good information about bullying and safety. As well as information for parents, the site contains a section with information for kids.

Information about keeping children safe while using mobile phones and the internet. Contains a section with information for children.

An excellent source of information and support. Includes an active discussion forum for parents, covering all aspects of parenting, child development and relationships. You can post your parenting questions and get advice from other mums. You can also ask to get in touch with local mums.

Up-to-date information about issues concerning lone parents such as benefits, housing, education, legal rights, etc. You can also obtain information by ringing their helpline. It is not a counselling service, but can direct you to services available in your area.

If you think that your own difficulties with anger, depression or anxiety may stand in your way of becoming the parent you want to be, you may wish to consider a few therapy sessions for yourself. The human givens approach is practical, straightforward forward and makes immeidate sense.

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