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Miriam Chachamu

Workshops and lectures

 Joining a one day workshop
I give one day workshops titled Effective Skills for Identifying and Meeting Children’s Unmet Emotional Needs in various locations in the UK. The workshops are designed for parents and for professionals who would like to gain an insight into the way children feel and think together with practical skills to meet their needs and manage their behaviour. Workshops are run by Mindfields College. For details, dates and registration
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Lunchtime talks in the workplace
Many parents work long hours and have little time to think about or explore parenting skills as they try to juggle their work and family life. So they are very grateful when offered the chance to attend a talk in their workplace. In the past years, I have worked with organisations such as Reuters, National Grid, the Man Group, Deloitte and Warner Brothers. Here are some of the topics that I have been invited to talk about:

  • How to help children become more competent and confident
  • Increasing your child’ cooperation
  • Dealing with anger and tantrums
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Effective communication with teenagers
  • Work-life balance

My talks are down to earth and full of examples from real life. Parents report that they find them very useful: they take away new insights into their children’s world, as well as effective communication skills they can use at home.  
For more details and bookings contact
Parents Matter.

Talks in schools or community centres
I am happy to give workshops and talks at school PTA meetings, community centres or any other organisation. Talks can last between one and two hours and can be tailored to your needs. Please look at my lunchtime talk list above for some ideas. You are welcome to contact me to discuss this further.

Organising a parenting course for your community
I have facilitated many courses for parents in many different places, and parents find them both useful and enjoyable. The courses provide both practical communication skills for parents to use at home and valuable information about children’s needs and development. The skills are designed to help parents improve the atmosphere at home, encourage their children’s learning, improve sibling relationships and deal with misbehaviours effectively when these occur.

Groups are usually made up of 8-14 people and last from 4-10 weeks, depending on what you are looking for. This gives plenty of time for parents to try out the skills at home and bring their feedback and any concerns back to the next group meeting.
Contact me if you would like me to run a course in your community or for your group of friends.
Joining a parenting course as an individual
If you are  looking to join a good parenting course in London, you may want to get in touch with
The New Learning Centre in north London, The Parent Practice south of the river or The Notting Hill branch of The New Learning Centre in west London.

Parenting UK holds a non-comprehensive list of courses for parents that are run in other areas of the UK. Quality and price of the courses may vary. To look for a course in your area, click here.


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