Recharging your child’s batteries

Here is a lovely idea from a Mum whose five-year-old son didn’t want her to leave his bedroom at night…

‘My son is into technology and science, so one night when he didn’t want me to leave his bedroom I had an idea. “I’m going to recharge your battery!” I said. “You need to hug me with all your strength, however you like, for as long as you need until you are fully charged.” And so he did. He hugged me really strongly, like a little monkey, and unsurprisingly he soon got tired and went to bed. I checked whether he was fully charged, so that the charge would last for the whole night. He was.

When he got up in the morning, he asked for a recharge. I suggested that if anything bad happened at school, he could remember to take power from his battery. I promised to recharge it whenever he asked. So now we “charge his battery” from time to time. We both love it, and it puts both of us in a better mood – we make sure that his battery never runs flat!’

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