A short story devoted to parents whose children find schoolwork hard

An honoured guest was invited to hand out prizes at an end of school ceremony. The hall was full with pupils, their parents and teachers. They were all cheering as each winner was approaching the stage.

‘The first prise for English goes to…’ A young girl approaches the stage hesitantly.
‘And the first prise for physics…’ A skinny boy shakes the guest’s hand, to the cheers of the crowd.
‘The prize for excellence across the board goes without any questions to….’ And a happy, confident girl comes forward.
And so it went on and on, with a parade of proud youngsters being congratulated and handed impressive looking books.

Once all was quiet again, the guest approached the head teacher and asked:
‘You have been around for a while, haven’t you? And you must have seen many school reunions.’
‘Yes’, confirmed the headmaster’, Indeed I have.’
‘I was curious to know what happens to all the kids who don’t win any prizes. The ones who never come top at things. What happens to them?’
‘Oh, these kids…’ The head teacher paused. ‘The kids who don’t win any prises usually end up managing the ones who do’.

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