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Miriam Chachamu

June 30, 2009

21st Century Boys

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How can I stop my son from shooting everything that moves? Why is he so obsessed with power? I find his level of energy so draining, not to mention the constant competition between him and his younger sister. It seems that the only way to keep him quiet is to put him in front of the computer or the telly…

I hear these sorts of questions/complaints from parents of boys again and again. Girls seem much easier to manage. But boys… everbody agrees that they are hard work.

Boys were evolved to be active most of the time, I say. Their nature is to learn while they move, not to sit nicely on the carpet and play gently with their little sister. They need exercise, daylight and the company of other men. They also need to be allowed to take risks, and to learn from their mistakes. And it is in their nature to compete and to think in hierarchical terms. Boys need to know what are the rules of the game- including the game of life.  They must also know who is the boss- and it better be you!

If you want to know more about boys nature and how we can all help them to thrive, you may wish to read Sue Palmer new book called 21st Century Boys. She explains it all- backing it up with plenty of stories and with the latest research. And most importantly- the book is very compelling and reads like a novel. If you are struggling to understand your boys, or accept some parts of their personality, this could be the book for you.

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