Enjoy Your Children

Miriam Chachamu


Miriam Chachamu is a family therapist and parenting consultant with 12 years’ experience of working effectively with children, parents and families. She is an experienced parent-course facilitator, lecturer and family practitioner. Her approach to parenting is warm, positive and insightful, and she believes in empowering parents to resolve their family concerns by giving them the skills and support that they need.

Her approach is informed by the ‘Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting’ programme, developed by Noel Janis-Norton at The New Learning Centre in London, where Miriam worked for many years. Further influences are systemic family therapy, and the human givens approach to wellbeing.

Miriam has three children of her own and uses in her own life the skills she teaches parents.

She is trained as a systemic family therapist, holding an MSc from Institute of Family Therapy and University of London, is a member of the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy and is a qualified human givens practitioner.

The cartoons on this website and from her book How to Calm a Challenging Child are by Tomas Woodbridge.

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