Private consultations

Private consultations give you an opportunity to discuss in confidence any specific concerns that you may have about your family and to get advice which is tailored to your needs and circumstances. My approach to consultation is collaborative and non-judgmental. I can give practical advice on any aspect of parenting or parenting problem, as well as coach you in positive and gentle communication skills for preventing problems from occurring in the future. You will bring your knowledge and experience of your family to the session, and I will bring my expertise built up over many years of working successfully with families. If you are raising your children together with a partner or a co-parent, I recommend that you both attend where possible.

The amount of help that different families want or need from me varies considerably. Some need only one consultation, while others require more. It is rare for me to see a family for more than 10 sessions.

Towards the end of our initial consultation I will give you an estimate of how many sessions I think you may need. If I think it appropriate, I may also suggest that I meet your children. As a qualified couple and individual therapist, I can also offer therapy if you think this might be helpful to you.

Appointments, available both in the day and evening,  take place at London NW11. Please Contact me for more details.